Thoughts So Far on the Journey

Many weeks ago I decided I wanted something new, something that I could call my own.  In essence, I was talking about clothing, but what I really meant was my own "brand."  Something I, as well as other people, could look at and think this is really dope and it's legally mine, so I decided it was time to put up or shut up.

I knew from the get go I wanted to market clothing and accessories for young men and create something that's more my style, something I could look at and go, "I'd wear that."  I eagerly spent hours researching drop-shipping companies and logo creation companies that it became emotionally draining, but I knew what I wanted.  I was willing to spend a lot of time and energy into my brand and if you want to be successful at this brand-creation thing, you pretty much have to.  Finally, after hours of research I decided on my drop-shipper, but next I needed a name.  I wanted a name that encompasses masculinity and of course represents the body, so I decided on "Alpha Frame."  It sounded interesting and I knew some people wouldn't like it, but all that mattered is if I liked it; and like it I did.  Soon began the logo ideas and then getting that logo onto pieces of attire from my drop-shipper. With that comes a plethora of ideas and thoughts.

I began picturing people buying my brand and garnering success with my "side hustle."  I knew with my e-commerce business, I had to up my social media game, so I spent many hours organically growing my Instagram following, as well as Twitter and Pinterest.  With that being said, I knew and still know now that I'm not going to be as big as a Nike or an Adidas and that this won't make me super rich, but you know what? I'm perfectly alright with that because I know I can find solace in knowing that I had a vision and went through with it.  I put my money (literally, this stuff isn't cheap) where my mouth is, became an LLC, and created my own brand that I love and enjoy and can legally call my own.  I love wearing the products I've made, the quality of the products feel amazing when I wear them and the logo design looks incredible as well.  Fortunately, my ever-growing Instagram following feels the same, but the real challenge becomes being a better seller and finding a good balance between work, life, and fitness.  

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