I know I know, it's been a while since I've blogged, I said I would do it weeks ago, but got side track.  With that being said, I'm back and I have some exciting news.  For those of you who follow me on social media, you know that I've gone through some changes.  That change includes the casual pentagram on my old logo being switched out with a new and improved panther with a diamond in it's mouth.  Under it is the name of the company, but I bet you are wondering how all this came about?

Well to be fair, this design is what I originally wanted to store's logo to look like, but I came across some roadblocks.  Number 1, I cannot draw to save my life. Number 2, my cousin in San Antonio who created this for me, can draw, but at the time she was moving and couldn't muster up the time.  With my hunger and impatience for starting my own brand, I needed to roll with a logo until the new logo that you see today, could be completed.  So I found my way over to a logo creating site called Tailor Brands and from there I picked the style that best suited the name of the store/brand.  From there, it generated the pentagon logo that I had been using these past few months.  Unsurprisingly, it garnered a lot of likes and I used that logo for the apparel and accessories, but that all changed last week.

Between when I first started back in August and last week, my cousin had shown me the various "demos" of the logo to come.  I was very impressed with what I saw, but the question of, "When can it be done?" kept creeping in.  However, on Wednesday, February 6, 2018 at 9:52 p.m. (That's right I got the receipts), I receive a text message from my cousin: "It's finished." The anxiousness reared its ugly head in my mind as I switched over to my Google mail account, because I knew that this will be the design that I will keep with me for a long time, but most importantly, it's the design that I always wanted. 

Upon my initial analysis, I made my way over to Printful in order to generate the first "prototype" shirt with the new logo.  Days came and gone, but on Saturday February 16, 2018 the prototype had finally arrived.  Again the anxiousness crept in as I opened that package and my eyes were finally able to graze upon the beauty of my new featured product.  A medium sized, black cotton t-shirt, with a black panther snarling with a diamond in it's mouth, which was not only my demo order, but a look at what I want my customers to own in the near future. 

To conclude, I want my customers to be apart of something new and to feel great when they buy and wear my products. 

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