My Story and Mission Statement

I am a young up-and-coming entrepreneur based in the Dayton, Ohio area.  I became interested in starting my own brand due to always wanting to own something of my own and share that idea with others.  As a result, I put all the time and energy in the world into maintaining my brand.

I would describe myself as very style-based with a growing entrepreneurial spirit and one of my passions has always been to create and share my vision.  I became interested in selling shirts, in addition to accessories, because shirts are one of the main things people see when they come into contact with you.  Shirts are an easy way to get your brand/message across, and in the process you can look cool while doing it and I want everyone who buys my products to look and feel cool!    


The mission of Alpha Frame LLC is to provide high-quality clothing and accessories to young men.  Alpha Frame LLC will achieve this by working closely with it's drop shipper and will place a high priority on customer service in order to achieve optimal satisfaction.